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Lady Carole

Lady Carole's Drawings

Do you like whips and canes to make that man of yours pay attention to your needs? Oh donít get me wrong I seen some very willing men in this art collection. I think they donít mind the burn of a whip against the cheeks of their behind. Truthfully a good spanking makes me very squirmy, needing a good hand to brush over my bottom while I beg to cum.

Do you imagine a sexy woman in a police uniform taking you away to be pleasured, oh I mean punished, then Lady Caroleís art is something you will really enjoy

Letís face it most men want two women, check out her artwork and see what these women do to men. I might be an airhead, but it even made me want to try spanking. Ooops Ö Stormbringer heard me say spanking I am going to run

Hurry lets go to the Memberís section and see what really goes on in Lady Caroleís art world.


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